……………………………sometimes its difficult for me to fathom whether it was anger, jealousy, hatred, or extreme s-x drives to dig into my step mother poontang.
Maybe I can blame the devil for the cause. In either cases ones harm is done the next step is how to fix it.

Ohhh….am just wasting much of your time not hitting the nail into your hands at ones.
Well this is how it all started…….

Am Chioma of 23 years. Am tall of about 5’8 feet.
Am in a family of four, my dad and two other siblings. The elder among us, a young lady Chinyere is in the United States so i live with my dad and sister, Jessica who is 21. We resides in Enugu. Jessica is in level 200 law student in University of Nigeria,Nsukka just had admission to the same school to pursue psychology.

I guess you are thinking am not that smart in academics. Yes, maybe,because I wrote novel almost three times before I was able to pass my English language.

Jessica and I go for lectures in my little car.

My dad is the CEO of Zenith Bank.

He has been living without a wife since my mum passed away .

Though I knew he was f—–g his secretary because he used to invite the women to our house.

Life in the house was very exciting with fun even without a mum. Jessica and I use to tell our Dad to marry Okore Christy his Secretary because we like her though she sneak into our dads room once a blue moon only for our father to tell us he is not ready to marry…

I guess he was so much in love with my late mum because he used to be taking much about their happiness together.
Just last year 7th, April, around 6:30 pm the cripple was able to dance azonto, the unexpected happened. I was seated in the hall with my sis when my dad walked in with a young girl. From my little human growth related experience she might be between the ages of 23-26.

She was extremely beautiful , in fact she was more beautiful than my sis. Dad greeted suddenly..

Dad: Good evening guys. Am back from work. Anyway meet Susan my new wife, your step mum.

I turned to look at Jessica, we were surprise. In fact I thought my dad was drunk but none of his postures portrayed that. I began to wonder what was wrong with my dad. The girl could equally be a daughter to my dad..

I raised my head and stared at that Susan. I accessed her from head to toe. She had a picky round bosoms and nyc lips. Her dressed eye lashes were too long but fit her. Her legs were thick to. She was actually a nice young lady except that my father made the wrong call.

Me & Jessi: fine evening. You welcome Susan.

Susan: thanks. Am happy to be part of your family.

Susan left with my dad to dad’s room.

Jessica and I were so confused. We couldn’t say a word to each other till we left for our room.
While on my bed I was thinking about how we will call this Small girl mum. In fact I hated my dad from that day. She was too young for a man of 49 years.

I realized once she is my dads wife we had no choice to call her mum…

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