Hmm I didn’t know how I slept till the next day.
I prepared for lectures in the morning. My lecture time was 9:30am so I drove to campus with my sis.

While on campus I planned on how to get the chance to sleep with Susan. I could not get her out of my mind.

I discussed about Susan with my best friend on campus Adinkra. Adinkra was a resident in Commonwealth Hall.

I told him all about the sexy nature and how young Susan was.

Adinkra wondered how a young girl like Susan can marry my dad. He told me Susan is there because of my dads riches.

I grew furious with such words from my friend.
I told Adinkra I love Susan and that I would like to sleep with her.

Adinkra told me it was an abomination to do that. But I insisted the girl is my class and type and not my father’s.

Adinkra told me he could help. He told me to approach Susan and tell her I love her. He said girls of this days might give in to me only if I become a little smart. He then said if that does not work then we will work out on the other alternatives.

I drove back to the house around 3:00pm.

Nobody was around. I was surprised I didnt meet Susan in the house. He entered in 45minutes later. I was in the living room at that time.

Susan: good afternoon boy..

Me: good afternoon.. I thought you were around.

Susan: hmmmm…you know girls and fashion..I went out to do my hair. Are you not hungry?

Me: hmmm I am.

She entered the kitchen and served me some banku with tilapia. She sat by me while I was eating. I was watching ‘Merlin season one’ so she was also doing so. She got up in 3 minutes later and told me she was going to change her dress.
Instantly I got up to and held her hand.

Me: you looking great…you very beautiful and young.

Susan: (raise eye brows) thanks.

I dip my hand in water and rinse it. I threw my hands around her neck and boldly told her I love her.

Susan pushed me to the sofa.

Are you crazy Chioma. For God sake am your dads wife. How could you think of something silly like that.

Me: (with loud tone) my dad is too old for you. I know you don’t enjoy him as you would like to enjoy your man. I really love you Susan…

Susan: (slapped me and ran to her room).
I stood at the same position for almost 2 minutes. My instincts got me wrong. I was beginning to regret for taking such step. The backside of Susan alone ride me crazy when I see them.

I went back to my room and had several thoughts taunting my mind. I was thinking of what will happen when my dad get to know what has happened.

I called Adinkra and informed him about the brouhaha between Susan and I when I faced her with my proposal. Adinkra told me not to worry about that and that Susan will not tell my dad anything.

I was still on the call with Adinkra when my door opened. It was Susan.

Me: (on phone) Adinkra hold on. Susan what are you doing here.

Susan: I came to apologise for slapping you. You shouldnt have said that. You were crazy but I could have controlled myself.

Me: am OK girl. I only wanted you to know my feelings for you. You are not wrong for slapping me.

Susan: I know your dad might not be of my class but you are his son it is an abomination to do that.

Me: yea I know I just can’t control myself when I see you. I guess I have to leave this house to cut everything short.

Susan: hmmm…seriously.
She left my room after the chat. I called back Adinkra and told him I would be coming to stay with him for about a week on campus.
The next morning I approached my dad in the living room. He was with Susan. I told him we will be writing some semester exams within the week so I might stay on campus for the remaining days.

Susan stared at me with shock. She knew why I was leaving the house. My father gave me money to use while on campus. Susan told me she will call and I left.

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