Widows pains  I settled someone in my heart but didn’t fall in love…
The BJP was running for the BJP but didn’t die.
Mother Father has caught a stranger.

What did I do, I had a question of (THE ONE I WANT) baba’s respect, I didn’t even deny it
The one who loved him became unfaithful in his eyes.
I would not have been loyal to her for whom I left her ••••!!!

I got such a thing that I never had a aitbaar.
I was sacrifice for everyone but no one was mine.
What to do, I am a woman, I can’t do anything…
There is a heart to die but can’t even kill the kids ••••!!!

I am in front of everyone (WHAT DOES LOVE MEANS TO YOU) to get my sorrows in front of everyone…
I am going to die, if i am alive then I am alive.
This is the story of my marriage in my childhood.
The house is still over between the children and the children.

No one understood the pain, no one has known me…
I have ended in four ways of my house.

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