What does love means to you, A young man ask God, ” what love is ” he said” go, bring a flowers, lot’s of flowers to bring  but he wanted a beautiful flower one. He went forward but he didn’t get a good flower, but never so what at all, he didn’t even get that phoo. and ask god again .he said when you have love respect it even when it’s gone.Image result for image of a beautiful rose flower

A guy and a lady loved each other so much. On the day of Valentine’s day, both went to party. Had a lot of fun. After the party,such that he proposed, she accepted and all celebrated them.

on this note, the friendship of both of them WHAT THE INSIDE FEEL had taken the love of love. But time did not accepted the happiness of both. on their way home, the young man increased the speed all for happiness, the lady had to yell please stop our life is a stake for we ignore traffic.

Image result for image of a young man and a lady so in love on a motorcycle

lady – I am saying, work on your speed. I’m scared. Why are you running so fast?
guy – no no, I am having a lot of fun.
lady- you are having fun, my life is being turned out.
guy – then tell me that you love me.
lady – just said in front of everyone.
guy – then say, I love you, I love you, I love you. Say it Now!
lady – I Love You, please stop kam kar do na.
guy – Give me a hug.

The lady hug him with a loud hug. WHEN BREAKUP GOES SILENT wearing my helmet he said, I couldn’t see him properly in his mirror in the night. The lady wearing her helmet…….next day on newspaper, a guy died ”accident” but she survive for the helmet, let’s not love and get carried away.

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