Visa ban: US embassy says restriction not for newly elected Nigerian politicians
The United States (US) embassy has revealed the category of Nigerian politicians to be affected by it visa ban.

The embassy said that the restriction is only for those who violated Nigeria’s democratic principles during the last general elections – The spokesman of the embassy, Morgan Ortagus, stressed that the ban is not for elected government officials.

The United States (US) government, through its embassy and consulate in Nigeria, has said that its visa ban will affect only politicians in the country who have cases of electoral crimes during the last general elections.

According to a statement signed by the embassy’s spokesman, Morgan Ortagus, the ban is not for newly elected government officials, but specifically for those who through their activities tried to undermine Nigeria’s democracy during the polls.

The statement part read: “The secretary of state is imposing visa restrictions on Nigerians believed to be answerable for, or complicit in, undermining democracy in Nigeria.
These people have operated with freedom at the expense of the Nigerian individuals and undermined democratic principles and human rights.
Moreover, the embassy decried the actions of such politicians who through their violence, intimidation, or corruption harmed Nigerians. The statement any said: “The Department of State emphasizes that the actions square measure specific to sure people and not directed at the Nigerian individuals or the recently electoral government.
This call reflects the Department of State’s commitment to operating with the Nigerian government to appreciate its expressed commitment to finish corruption and strengthen democracy, responsiveness, and respect for human rights.

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