UK ambassador Darroch resigns after Trump’s tongue lash,
The UK’s ambassador to the United States, Kim Darroch, on Wednesday, July 10, tendered his resignation,
This came a day after President Donald Trump of the US described him as a very stupid guy Darroch said he stepped down after he could not get the support of Boris Johnson, the current front runner to replace Theresa May as British prime minister Kim Darroch,
the UK’s ambassador to the United States, on Wednesday, July 10, resigned from his office.

This is coming just one day after he was described by President Donald Trump as a very stupid guy. Darroch on Wednesday, July 10, revealed that he stepped down following his inability to get the backing of Boris Johnson, the current front runner to replace Theresa May, CNN reports.
Darroch, in a letter to Simon McDonald, the permanent under-secretary at the Foreign and Commonwealth office, said he needed to do away with rumours concerning his position.

The ambassador said: “The current state of affairs is creating it not possible on behalf of me to hold out my role as i might like. REASD ALSO: PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN TINUBU WARNS 
“Although my posting isn’t because of finish till the tip of this year, I believe in the current circumstances the responsible course is to allow the appointment of
a new ambassador.” Concerning the resignation, May said that Darroch’s decision was a matter of great regret, adding that he felt it was necessary.
She said: “Good government depends on public servants having the ability to provide full and frank recommendation,” May told the House of Commons.
“I wish all our public servants to possess the arrogance to be able to do this.
And I hope the house can replicate on the importance of defensive our values and principles — significantly once they ar harassed.

Also, President Trump referred to May, as being foolish in relation to her handling of the failed Brexit deal. In a tweet on his official Twitter page, Trump, describing the ambassador as someone forced upon US, advised him to speak to his country and May and not be angered by his criticism. SEE WHY COURT SLAMS NIGERIAN CUSTOMS 

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