Theresa May: next PM must not try to bypass parliament on Brexit.

Theresa May added: “As far as I’m concerned, I believe there should be a Conservative government in the UK, because a Conservative government is better for the people of the UK.”

The prime minister was speaking to journalists  in Osaka – her final major international meeting before she leaves 10 Downing Street next month.

She resisted expressing a preference between Johnson and the foreign secretary,

But she repeatedly used the formula that whatever happens next in the Brexit saga must be “good for the United Kingdom.

That would appear to rule out a no-deal Brexit, which she has warned in the past would be damaging – and declined to pursue earlier this year, when her own deal was rejected.

The race to succeed the prime minister has been dominated by the risks of a no-deal Brexit – with Johnson backed by many of the “Spartans”, who are relaxed about the prospect, which they regard as a way of escaping the controversial Irish backstop. Check Scholarship 

Both Johnson and Hunt have insisted their first course of action would be to seek changes to the backstop, with Johnson also suggesting he would “disaggregate” the withdrawal agreement, and withhold the £39bn financial settlement until after Brexit.

But May appeared to cast doubt on the likelihood of those strategies being successful, saying: “The EU has made its position clear. We negotiated a good deal with the EU.”

The prime minister was left with little choice but to resign, after the withdrawal agreement her government painstakingly negotiated with the EU27 was rejected three times by parliament, and talks with Labour failed to yield a way through the deadlock.

Asked whether she would do anything differently if she had her chance again, she said: “I did what I believed to be right in the interests of the country. Sadly, when it came to it on three occasions, I was not able to achieve a majority in the House of Commons for that decision. I think it’s right that somebody else will now take up that mantle and lead the country forward.   May said she intended to stay on as the MP for Maidenhead after stepping aside and did not rule out standing as a candidate in the next general election. Read More: Donald trump

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