Social Love, A young man and a lady became friends on Facebook. The special thing of the friendship was the lady knew the young man but he has never seen the lady all his life. Both lived in the same city but never met. It was all only online.

They fell in love with each other slowly….Everyday ghanton ghanton chatting chatting. Then both of them thought that this love should also be given a chance, so both decided to meet, arranged meeting the next day with the lady accepting to come wearing a pink dress and a rose flower.

Next day the young man got to the place saw a beautiful lady in that description, walk up to her but was disappointed on what she said ”she smiled and said I am not the one you have come to meet Your friend is sitting under the tree” Then she called the lady told her the guy has shown that he is truly in love with you, otherwise he could have returned from here after seeing me because I was not able to do this.

The young man added” I actually have wanted you, you have got more measure in my dreams, each moment I actually have felt the fragrance of your sweet things… and there was no picture of you in all of this. I know that I have fallen in love with you. Whatever it may be.
When the girl heard this, she got the hug of that boy… tears were running out of her eyes.
Because he got a true love partner who was found!
Can true love found on social media?

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