Grants all over the world are always needed for a particular purpose to advance human development. The purpose of this particular grant available in Nigeria now is for economic revolution.

Ordinary Nigerian must be given the opportunity to offer solution to one challenge or another in order to drive our economy forward.

Life every where is full of challenges. Various solutions to challenges of life generate

1.Self Reliance

2.Employment Opportunity and

3.Wealth Creation.

But huge percentage of ordinary Nigerians do not have what it takes to access capital either for business start up or business standardization thereby relying on Government for source of employment. Economy of all the advanced nations are driven by people not government.  Government only makes favourable policies that enable people to do such driving and that is what the government of Nigeria has done by the establishment  of Development Bank Of Nigeria to create diverse opportunities for ordinary Nigerians to participate in economic diversification.

Light World Rescue Foundation mobilizes our member’s various project/business all over the country through our coordinators and submit them to SOCIAL EXCHANGE MARKET where your Naira is your Labour and Productivity to be funded. Social Exchange Market are the custodian of this grant.



Under the watch of Light World Rescue Foundation, we are using this grant to promote

1. Agricultural development

2. Manufacturing

3. Production of finished goods

4. Processing of raw materials of various kinds

5. Skill and talent driven market.

The age range is between sixteen (16) and sixty five (65)

Education is not and will never be a barrier in this project.

All necessary assistance shall be provided for any of our members who needs such especially in project execution guide steps.



Diversification of the economy of the government can only be genuine when the people of this nation are the ones engaging the economy. There will be competition in the market thereby generating enough supply to the point of equilibrium, making price of goods to be affordable for large number of citizens of the country. At this point, volume  of goods and services will determine the force of the market. More Jobs will be created, Wealth will be generated and internal revenue generated will greatly increased. The real value of Naira can now be determined by our labour and productivity.


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