Shi’ites invade National Assembly complex, set cars on fire.
Shi’ites have broken into the premises of the National Assembly complex in Abuja,
The group clashed with security operatives that were present as they set cars around on fire, Security officials are trying to keep the protesters off with gunshots fired into the air Members of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN) popularly known as Shi’ites broke into the National Assembly complex premises on Tuesday, July 9, resulting in a clash with security operatives. SEE REASON TO DESIGN YOUR OWN WEBSITE 
The Shi’ites broke down the first gate and proceeded to the second, which serves as the main entrance to the complex, The Cable reports. However, security operatives on ground repelled the protest with gunshots fired into the air to disperse the protesters.
It was gathered that the group is reportedly protesting the continued detention of Ibrahim Elzakzaky, their leader. CLICK HERE TO SEE FULL PAGE 
Premium Times reports that according to a witness, the group shot at policemen as one of the officers was rushed to the hospital close by in a critical condition. As at the time of writing this report, the Shi’ites are presently burning some vehicles parked close to the gate, while more security operatives are being drafted to the scene to contain the situation.
Reports claimed that the residents urged security agencies to call the group to order and ensure the security of people in the city. The followers of El-Zakzaky have organised series of protests in some cities including the federal Capital Territory demanding for his release, since his arrest and detention. The development has always resulted in traffic gridlock in the very centre of the city, causing a lot of discomfort for many residents during work hours.
Residents are worried that continued protests by the group is putting the city and it’s residents at risk. The residents want the group to behave themselves and put the rights of other road users into consideration. READ ALSO: WHY TRUMP CALLED THERESA MAY FOOLISH 

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