I thought long and hard before I wrote this story. I have to admit a lot of the mistakes I made and come to terms with the wrong decisions that late to it.

I am a girl of 20 years with good look and a successful business. My boyfriend of half a year loves me more than anything but he is often on business trips and I feel neglected.

In late summer, my father and I went to a cocktail party and there I met a terribly charming man who has never left my mind since then. A week later, I saw him again at my boyfriend’s hotel. I went to politely say hello and then somehow we had arranged a date.

The date went great until our elevator got stuck. He kissed me and it was perfect. I am really monogamous and I felt terrible that I had betrayed my boyfriend. However, the kiss was amazing and I liked it.

I a serious girl in a serious relationship almost hooked up with an almost total stranger in an elevator. It sounds awful. I felt that I was cheating not only on my boyfriend but on my principles and on myself. Despite everything I couldn’t stop myself.

He called me three days after the date. He invited me to his house for dinner and I was convinced he was the perfect man for me. However, the sex was terrible.

So the prince turned into a frog and now I do not know what to do. I am very, very confused!

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