People rescued from migrant boat kept at Libyan centre hit by airstrike The survivors of a migrant boat sinking in the Mediterranean in which up to 150 people are feared to have died have been transferred to a detention centre near Tripoli that was hit by an airstrike this month, the UN refugee agency has said.

Image result for People rescued from migrant boat kept at Libyan centre hit by airstrikeCharlie Yaxley, a UNHCR spokesman, said Libyan coastguard authorities had told the agency 84 people had been taken to the Tajoura detention centre near the frontline of fighting between rivalLibyan factions.

An airstrike hit the centre on 3 July, killing more than 50 people and raising fresh concerns over the treatment of migrants in Libya. The attack was widely blamed on the airforce of Libya’s renegade military commander Khalifa Haftar, whose forces have been battling militias loosely aligned with a UN-recognised government since April.

The UN refugee agency has repeatedly ( SEE THE HITLER’S ) called for migrants to be removed from Tajoura. It said this month that thousands of migrants and refugees remained arbitrarily detained inside and around Tripoli in conditions that it described as inhumane.

More than 130 people were rescued at sea on Thursday by the Libyan coastguard.
Crossings to Europe usually peak in summer when the seas are calmer. The International Organization for Migration has recorded 37,555 people entering Europe by sea and a further 8,007 by land so far in 2019.

Image result for People rescued from migrant boat kept at Libyan centre hit by airstrikeThe UN high commissioner for refugees (UNHCR) said there had been 164 confirmed deaths on the Libya to Europe route since the start of the year, fewer than in previous years. But the UN said the journey was becoming more dangerous, with one in four people dying at sea before reaching Europe.

Yaxley said of the latest incident: “This horrific event highlights once again the dire need for a shift in approach to the Mediterranean situation.Urgent action is required to avoid wasting lives puzzled and stop folks from of age these boats within the 1stplace by giving safe, legal alternatives.

Judith Sunderland, associate Europe and central Asia director at Human Rights Watch, said: “What’s invariablytherefore alarming concerning these relentless tragedies is that they must be preventable.

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