Niger Delta Support group,  NIDSG, has demanded an evidence from the federal on the state of seaports within theregion, speech communication it has to understand why the seaports don’t seem to be functioning like Apapa and Tin will Island ports in urban center.NIDSG, in a verystatement by its caller, Vincent Odogbor, said: “We are suspecting that there’s a conspiracy to deliberately sabotage port activities within the Niger Delta, thereby jutting urban center because the solely viable port for wares vessels.Otherwise, the decision for the best usage of alternative existing seaports within the Niger Delta is for the great of the complete country because it can scale back the cumbersome method of clearing product in urban center.“It is, therefore, impossible that seaports within the region can stillstay dysfunctional whereas urban center ports are overstretched. this can be a classic example of the regional and citizenship difference that remains the curse of our political existence as African nation and it can’t be allowed to continue any longer.’’

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