My Wife Was Gone For Good… I can’t completely blame her for cheating on me. If I had satisfied her sexually am sure she wouldn’t have any reason to cheat….her departure led me to the solution to my predicament!

I hail from ‘a certain village’ in Njaba LGA of Imo state where it’s a gruesome taboo for a man to sleep with a duly married wife who cheated on him for any reason. Our forefathers made it so, probably out of jealousy and to protect their wives. Over the years, strong men of God have tried to break that age long nonsense to no avail. Any indigene of my village who tries to sleep with a cheating wife dies mysteriously within the next Afor market day – no two ways about it. Stories abound of some men from my village, who lived abroad and think they can get away with sleeping with their wives who cheated… They tried it, and the next the village saw was their corpses. So, the issue of bringing back my wife; Nike was not in the table. She was gone for good 🙁 Left with no option, I carried on with my miserable life, and immersed myself in church activities.

Few months later… I saw myself falling in love with Annabel. Annabel is a beautiful young Edo lady, in her mid 20s. A staff of Ecobank. She’s also endowed but not as much as Nike. Things got so well between us that we started moving along. People around could sense the growing chemistry. She started visiting, and in most times, things got really hot between us. In most cases, we got so close to doing it. Of course, I’d always stop the action anytime we’re getting close to doing the real do; …doing everything I could to make sure she never see my johnson. We would kiss for minutes, smooch, and in few occasions, I’d finger her till she squirts all over. What was left was the penetration… and that’s exactly what she’s been dying for. It was clear that in her mind, she must have thought; “If this dude is this good with the other things, then he must be a champ with the REAL deal” But then, it wasn’t just happening…

Until one fateful day. We had just closed from one of the Friday night’s vigil… we went straight to her house since she stays very close to the church. Things started heating up very heavily. Passion over took us and we started touching, feeling, and exploring below the waist. As usual, I stopped things abruptly before it got out of hand and took a walk to let them calm down. That’s when Annabel got very upset; she scared the heck out of me. While I was trying to calm her down, she grasped my dick to discover the most embarrassing part of my life… It was small. Smaller than her middle finger. Nothing to write home about. I mean this girl was really upset, seriously. She finally summoned courage and asked; “Could this be the reason you’ve been avoiding doing it with me?” Believe me, she barely finished saying this before broking down into tears. Uncontrollably, I joined too. What we did next was epic… it’s the reason I have a big dick today, and can last as long as I want whenever we get down. She led me into something that totally changed my life for good forever. Here’s exactly how we found the solution after the revelation, everything became open. While still sober, Annabel crawled into my hands, we cuddled deeply… One thing led to the other, I pulled the plug on, and fucked her for the very first time after 4months 22 days.  …. Read more

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