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Today, I will be teaching you how to produce Roll On! If you are a fan of roll on; you will know there are different types: some are colorless while others have a whitish color. When I tell you something is simple; you must believe me – making a roll on is simple!

What Is Roll-on, And Why Should We Use It?

Roll on deodorant is a toiletry which is applied to the underarms with a rolling applicator to reduce or eliminate body odor. It contains an anti-bacterial agent, fragrance, or both. Some types of roll on deodorant also include an antiperspirant, which reduces the amount of sweat released from the armpit.

Body odor occurs when sweat released by the glands to calm the body mingles with microscopic bacteria on the skin’s surface. These bacteria feed on the sweat and subsequently release waste, which produces a foul smell. Bacteria survive best in warm, moist environments. A roll on deodorant is intended to prevent or reduce underarm odor by making the area less hospitable to bacteria.

Benefits Of Using Roll-On

1. It kills bacteria
2. It makes you smell nice
3. It keeps the armpit dry
4. It stops stain from soiling your clothes

Requirements Needed For Making Roll-On

Make sure you use the same measurement for both of them. If you use 1kg of perfume; use 1kg for Methanol.

Materials Quantities
1. Perfume 1/4kg
2. Methanol 1/4kg

Here are the options of perfumes you can use: Bluewater, Vanilla, Hardy, Ocean, Juice, Jasmine, Lexus, Hibiscus e.t.c

Step To Make Roll-On Deodorant

The only thing you need to do is to mix the two materials (Perfume and Methanol) together. call for more details 07033924944


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