Man stabs his younger brother with machete after suspecting the younger brother having secret affair with his wife.

A man is struggling for his life lying helplessly in an hospital bed after he was allegedly attacked with a machete by his elder brother, who accused him of having a secret affair with his wife. read more
Reports from a Facebook user Abdulkareem Lukman, indicates that the incident happened in the Abaji town of the Federal Capital Territory Abuja (FCT).

Human beings and their irrational ways of thinking. How can a rational thinking human being use a machete to injure his younger brother all in the name of suspecting his brother and his wife having secret affairs…. The younger bro is lying helplessly on the sick bed . The elder brother alleged that his younger brother is having secret affairs with his wife and without making any investigation he return from farm and used his machete on  his younger brother. Let’s all pray that Almighty God spares and gives him quick recovery.

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