Lionel Messi’s family restaurant in Argentina gives free food and drink to homeless people Lionel Messi’s family restaurant in Rosario is presently giving free food and drink to homeless people
Messi’s country of Argentina are currently battling a cold snap in which many people are said to have lost their lives, The homeless people are free to get food from Lionel Messi’s restaurant everyday from 7pm to 9pm Lionel Messi of Barcelona has shown his kindness to his people after ordering his family restaurant to be giving free food and drink to homeless persons in Argentina. SEE WHY SHI’ITES INVADED NATIONAL ASSEMBLY 
Argentina are currently battling with a cold snap which is reported to have led to some deaths in the country. Last week Thursday, five people were reported to have died due to the cold weather according to the report on Daily Mail UK.People who are homeless in Rasario are now being given free food and drink from 7pm to 9pm everyday thanks to Barcelona star Lionel Messi.
Economic recession is said to have forced many people to be sleeping on the streets in Argentina and Lionel Messi is now trying to help the situation. The restaurant, named VIP has been offering warm meals since Friday, July 5, and intends to keep doing so for the foreseeable future.
”We’ve conjointly been giving out low, soft drinks and even some wine to some.
”Many people came and were very respectful. We’re going to keep this up for 15 days, every night between 7pm and 9pm,” restaurant manager Ariel Almada was quoted as saying by Marca. READ ALSO SERIAL KILLER 
Lionel Messi expressed his annoyance double at the simply terminated 2019 Copa America in Brazil in their match against the hosts and conjointly the third place tie against Chil

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