Former President Olusegun Obasanjo,write to President Mohammadu Buhari not to seek reelection causing political uproar in the polity, ace comedian and UN ambassador, I Go Dye, has written his own letter to the President, also, advising him to leave now as the ovation. Is still loud for him.

I Go Dye who spoke to his combustible letter said he had actually planned to release his own letter before the OBJ back in December, but the Yuletide activities and preparation of burial of his late PA held him up.In his usual version of not mincing words and not minding whose horse is gored, the humour merchant pours out his heart in his letter to the President, charging him to be a hero rather than a villain in the history books of the nation. Here is an excerpt of the letter “A passionate appeal to Excellency,President Mohamadu Buhari,not contest the 2019 Presidential elections and a clarion call to all tradition leaders,Ex-presidents,diplomatic, communities elder, statesmen,professional bodies,entertainers and Nigerian youths to lay their voices to end political recycling, because a future bequeathed to Nigerian youths today, will be the best legacy.

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