Jonathan to FG: Implementation of confab report is solution to nation’s problems
President Muhammadu Buhari says only those tested and capable of delivering on assigned mandates will make the ministerial list – The president said despite the pressure he’s under, only those with track records,

honesty and credibility would be appointed – Buhari insisted that he would pick people he knows personally, this time around President Muhammadu Buhari says he will no longer nominate unknown persons for ministerial positions.
According to him, some of those challenges bothering mainly on security and national cohesion are still existent creating a wider discord over time.

“I perceive that efforts area unit being created toward addressing a number of these challenges, however, we seem to play politics with sensitive and serious matters.
“The incorporate reforms has continued to grow louder, gathering the kind of momentum that should no longer be overlooked, if the nation must make real progress.
“I believe that the solutions to most of the issues we have a tendency to face nowadays belong our honest assessment of the recommendations of the 2014 national conference. BUHARI NOMINATES CJN FOR APPOINTMENT 

”If we take politics out of our consideration, there is every likelihood that a diligent implementation of the key recommendations of the conference will lead the nation out of the woods,” he said. Jonathan, who was chairman of the book launch, expressed belief that the implementation of the conference report would heal frayed nerves, create peace and promote solidarity. The former president said his administration could not implement the report because it was submitted to him toward the twilight of his tenure.

My administration was ready to vary the narrative for our constitutional democracy with the peace of mind that sovereignty very belongs to the folks.

“However, we were time constrained. The conference was ended but one year to the top of my tenure. PDP PLAYS VIDEO OF ALLEGED RIGGING 

We received the report specifically on August twenty one, 2014, at a time the nation was in the mood of electioneering.Then, the members of the National Assembly whose duty it absolutely was to contemplate and validate the method were pre-occupied with the battle of political survival. I believed that given the nature of the consultations and due deliberations involved in advancing the process, an orderly and systematic implementation could have been concluded in less than a year,” he aforementioned adding that his administration had no time

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