The mysterious disappearance of N36million cash from the vaults of the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) is generating lots of reactions from Nigerians across the country.
The reactions followed a report that an official in JAMB’s finance department had claimed that a mysterious snake ‘spiritually’ entered into the vault to take away the money. Although the matter is a serious case of corruption and criminality, Nigerians have been seeing the funny side of it. The social media is currently awash with different hilarious reactions to the development.
A source close to us from Lagos wondered how Nigeria’s professionally trained anti-corruption experts will interpret and tackle this development. He wrote in part: “I can only laugh at our anti corruption apparatus because right now, they are totally confused. They were only trained on how to apprehend humans who steals and charge them to courts. They have no foundation to prosecute snakes. How will they navigate this great debacle?”

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