An interview with a real-existence Satanist (you realize you’re curious)

“Our maximum holy day is our birthday.”

These 12 months is unique for the church of devil, and not because Mephistopheles will in the end lead his military of demons out of hellfire to launch Armageddon.

Based in 1966 through Anton Lavey, writer of the satanic bible, the church has had suitable instances—with high-profile members like Jayne Mansfield and Sammy Davis Jr.—and horrific ones, notably the “satanic panic” of the Nineteen Eighties, when many have been sure the participants were sacrificing toddlers.

To commemorate, the church is publishing the satanic warlock, by using Robert Johnson, a “magister” within the church. The e-book explains a way to navigate the arena as a male Satanist and seduce your chosen mate. We had to speak to him.

Guys’ fitness: you have got the same call because the blues legend who purportedly bought his soul to the devil on the crossroads. Do you have had any legally binding agreement with Satan?

Robert Johnson: [Laughs.] there is no devil.

There’s . . . wait, what?

We don’t trust in any kind of anthropomorphic Satan. There’s none of that black-magic nonsense in Satanism.

But then why call it Satanism? That’s like Christians announcing Jesus Christ by no means existed.

Whilst Anton Lavey based the church returned in the ’60s, he wanted to factor out the innate carnality of guy. And what higher way to do this than with devil? It conjures up all of these titillating thoughts of the rebellion in the human spirit.

So Satan is only a metaphor?

Precisely.  If you examine the church of Satan’s doctrine, it’s based on actual humanity. It’s what the majority are thinking besides but gained admit.

We’re all closet Satanists?

Most people align themselves with what Satanists trust. But they’re now not going to undertake the call, due to the fact they’re deathly afraid of it.

Satanists—correct us if we’re wrong—worship themselves as the only actual god?

That’s correct.

So they’re megalomaniacs?

Nicely. . .

They maintain themselves in high regard.

Because the excessive priest magus Gilmore has stated, “we are I-theists.” we don’t accept as true with in any kind of gods. We believe in ourselves. Our maximum holy day is our birthday.

Is the satanic warlock just a dating guide for Satanists, or can a non-Satanist study from it?

All of us can examine it and benefit from it. It’s a guide for guys who shun political correctness—what I call the over feminization of society now. It’s for men who see themselves as being unique and awesome from what we name the herd.

The e book says it doesn’t count what you appear like. You write—and that I’m quoting right here— “alternate the six-% for a 666-%.”

That’s proper.

Provide an explanation for why our reader has to stop his abs workout and awareness at the range of the beast.

As Lavey talked about in the satanic witch, girls use their splendor and their wiles because most men will bend to that. But men can’t depend upon their properly seems.

Right here’s a question I’ve continually wanted to ask a card-carrying Satanist. Do you even elevate bro?

I raise unfastened weights. I have for many years. I also run 15 to 20 miles per week. A part of this is conceitedness, and a part of it does not need to have a heart assault.

How’d you get worried in Satanism?

I used to be a teenager while I found the satanic bible. Satanists are born; they’re not made. You study the satanic bible and say, “sure, that’s who I am. Finally I recognize who I am.”

It’s a sane philosophy and way of dwelling. And it’s amusing as it’s got the occult trappings and spookiness. The dark facet is mysterious and appealing and attractive.

Oh, we get you. We’ve seen the church of Satan internet site. The rituals involve plenty of naked women, and guys in goat mask.

That’s psychodrama.

But we see a man in a goat masks status over a pentagram, our first thought is, “a pupil is set to wish she hadn’t been hitchhiking.”

No, no, no. it’s nothing like that. It’s done to evoke feelings.

The Catholic Church has rituals.

Properly, yeah. But  . . . [Laughs.]

If the other church buildings had rituals related to naked boobs, we’d probably visit church a whole lot more often.

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