If you can’t trust me “who will” A man’s home was in a small village away from the city. There was no shortage of any kind in his house. But still he didn’t stay happy. He thought the city’s life was good. So one day he decided to sell the village house and take home in the city. The next day he called his friends from the city. Who worked in real state.

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He said to his friend, ” sell this village house of mine, and give me a good home in the city. His friend looked at the house and said – your house is so beautiful. Why do you want to sell it. If you need money I can give you some money. The person said – no, I don’t need money.

I want to sell this house so. Because this house is far away from the village. There is no road here like the city. The way here is very big. There’s a lot of tree plants over here. When the wind runs, the leaves spread all over the house. This village is surrounded by mountains. Now you tell me why don’t I go to the city.

His friend said – okay. If you have thought of going to the city. So I’ll sell your house soon. The next day in the morning, the man was reading the newspaper. He saw a house advertisement in the newspaper. It was written in the ad.

The crowd of the city is far away from hell, surrounded by hills, filled with greenery, fresh air and fresh air in a beautiful house with fresh air. To Buy your home please contact the number below. The person liked the house as soon as he saw the ad. He made the mind of buying that house.

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He was surprised when he called on that number. Because this ad was from his house. He was happy to know this. He called his friend and said – I am already living in the house of my choice. So you don’t sell my house to anyone. This is what I’ll be.

Friends, I want to explain this to you from this motivational story. Most of the people complain about their lives. They think that their life is full of sorrow. Such people like the life of other people very good. But you never do that. Before doing anything, make sure to see your life with the eyes of friends.

If you have ever seen your life with the eyes of others, you will find that your life is very good than othersIn A City, the Seth of the name ram lived, he had a good business. There was no shortage of money, but wealth was a friend of ram, who used to come to him. Slowly friendship went on increasing, friends came and things were there.

One day, there was something like this in front of daulat ram, for which he had to go out with the family. But the problem was where to put money while going? Family people advised what will be the friend? But he didn’t know much about friend and never had a chance to test a friend. In such a way that you earn a lifetime, what trust will you give me to you.

By thinking something, ram locked the vault and called the friend and told all the problems, then he gave him the key. After that, daulat ram left the other city with his family.
When the work was completed, the wealth ram returned back to the city. The next day she called her friend, but she came to fight with ram, ” didn’t you trust me, which you gave me the key by filling a pebble-stone in the vault?

The family of daulat ram was surprised to hear the words of the friend, the land was moved by the feet of everyone. But the wealth ram was silent, he had a smile on his face and said, ” how did you know that there are pebble stones in the vault? You must have seen the lock, because I got to know that I was full of pebble and stones, so that I could test your friendship.

1-the one who changes your life, bring changes within you and help you, the same can be your true friend.

2-your true friend is the one who knows everything in your subject and loves you according to the same.

3-friend to choose a ladder up to caḍhiyē and wife select a ladder down to utari’ē.
4-you have a thousand friends, it doesn’t matter if you have a true friend, he will show up with you everywhere.

If you want your enemies to be more, you’ll be better than others and want friends to be more, then let others be better than you.

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  1. Nice story. In real life I have really few people next to me that I can trust and call them friends! The friend should support you in bad days but also he should be happy and celebrate with you in good days 🙂


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