Mirabel, a 19 years old girl who was just seeing for the first time in her life looked through the windscreen of a moving car and screamed…..

“Mum, look the grasses are going behind!”

Mum smiled and an elderly man sitting next, looked at the 19 year old girl behaving so childishly had so much pity on her….

And immediately she again exclaimed…

“Mum, look the clouds are running after us,

The elderly man couldn’t resist and he said to the mother..…

“Why don’t you take your daughter to a good doctor?” The woman smiled and replied…“I did and we are just coming back from the hospital, my daughter was blind from birth, she just got her eyes today. ”oh what a joy.

Everybody has a story. Listen to their stories.

Don’t judge people before you meet them.

Theirs might surprise you.

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