What Is Hepatitis B

Hepatitis B is an infection of your liver.

It will cause scarring of the organ, liver failure, and cancer.

It can be fatal if it isn’t treated.

It’s unfold once folks are available in contact with the blood, open sores, or body fluids of somebody UN agencyhas the serum hepatitis virus.

It’s serious, but if you get the disease as an adult, it shouldn’t last a long time.

Your body fights it off among a couple of months, and you’re immune for the remainder of your life.

That means you can’t get it again. But if you get it at birth, it’ unlikely to go away.
Symptoms of Hepatitis B
When you’re first infected, the warning signs include:

Jaundice. (Your skin or the whites of the eyes flip yellow, and your pee turns brown or orange.)

Light-colored poop
Fatigue that persists for weeks or months

Stomach hassle like loss of appetency, nausea, and vomiting

Belly pain

Symptoms might not show up till one to six months once you catch the virus.

You might not feel anything.

About a third of the people that have this malady don’t.

They only find out through a blood test

What Causes Hepatitis B
It’s caused by the hepatitis B virus.
How You Can Get Hepatitis B

The most common ways in which to urge hepatitis B include:

Sex. You can get it if you have unprotected sex with someone who has it and your partner’s blood, saliva, semen, or vaginal secretions enter your body.
Sharing needles.

The virus spreads simply via needles and syringes contaminated with infected blood.

Accidental needle sticks. Health care workers and anyone else who comes in contact with human blood can get it this way.
Mother to child.

Pregnant ladies with hepatitis B will pass it to their babies throughout birth.
But there’s a immunizing agent to forestall newborns from turning into infected.
Treatment to prevent hepatitis B infection after exposure

If you recognize you have been exposed to the hepatitis B virus and are not positive if you have beenunsusceptible , decision your doctor like a shot.
An injection of Ig (an antibody) given among twelve hours of exposure to the virus might facilitate defend you from obtaining sick with hepatitis B.
Because this treatment solely provides short protection, you also should get the hepatitis B vaccine at the same time, if you never received it.

Treatment for acute hepatitis B infection

If your doctor determines your hepatitis B infection is acute — which means it’s ephemeral and can depart on its own — you’ll not want treatment.
Instead, your doctor may advocate rest, proper nutrition and plenty of fluids while your body fights the infection.
In severe cases, antiviral drugs or a hospital stay is needed to prevent complications.

Treatment for chronic hepatitis B infection

Most people diagnosed with chronic hepatitis B infection want treatment for the remainder of their lives.
Treatment helps scale back the danger of disease and prevents you from passing the infection to others.

Treatment for chronic hepatitis B may include:
Antiviral medications.

Several antiviral medications — as well as entecavir (Baraclude), tenofovir (Viread), lamivudine (Epivir), adefovir (Hepsera) and telbivudine (Tyzeka) — can help fight the virus and slow its ability to damage your liver.

These drugs are taken by mouth.

Talk to your doctor regarding that medication may well be right for you.

Interferon injections.

Interferon alfa-2b (Intron A) could be a artificial version of a substance created by the body to fight infection.
It’s used primarily for children with hepatitis B UN agency want to avoid long-run treatment or girls UN agencymay need to urge pregnant among a couple of years, once finishing

a finite course of therapy. Interferon should not be used during pregnancy. Side effects may include nausea, vomiting, difficulty breathing and depression.
Liver transplant.

If your liver has been severely broken, a liver transplant could also be AN choice.
During a liver transplant, the medico removes your broken liver and replaces it with a healthy liver.

Most transplanted livers come from deceased donors, though a small number come from living donors who donate a portion of their livers.
Lifestyle and home remedies

If you have been infected with hepatitis B, take steps to guard others from the virus.

Make sex safer.

If you are sexually active, tell your partner you have HBV and talk about the risk of transmitting it to him or her.
Use a brand new latex birth control device on every occasion you have got sex, however bear in mind that condoms scale back however do not eliminate the danger.

Tell your sexual partner to get tested. Anyone with whom you’ve had sex needs to be tested for the virus.

Your partners additionally got to grasp their HBV standing in order that they do not infect others.

Don’t share personal care items.

If you employ IV medication, never share needles and syringes.
And don’t share razor blades or toothbrushes, which can carry traces of infected blood. See syphilis…

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