Premier League top star collapses while holidaying in Greece with partner

Dele Alli, Tottenham star, collapses while sun-bathing during summer holiday.
Dele Alli passes out while holidaying with girlfriend in Greece, The midfielder was said to have collapsed while sun-bathing under 33C heat sun
Alli also took the summer break to celebrate his partner’s 25th year birthday Tottenham Hotspur star Dele Alli reportedly collapsed while sun-bathing during summer holiday on Greek island in Mykonos.

The 23-year-old, who was drinking in the company of his girlfriend Ruby Mae under 33C heat, was being carried away by two hefty men after losing his balance.Alli scored seven goals in all competitions for Spurs last summer while helping the north Londoners reach their first Champions League title.
An eye-witness said that: “She (Mae) had to call over two huge fellas to help get Dele to his feet and carry him away.” The midfielder according to SunSport took his girlfriend to the island to celebrate her 25th birthday in a stunning romantic holiday.
Meanwhile, he was laid on the shade after being taken away by the guards on the island after passing out sometime around 8pm on Wednesday, July 4. Alli was afterwards driven back to his hotel.
A sunseeker said: “They had been enjoying themselves in the beach club all afternoon and Ruby led Dele to a sun lounger to take a much needed rest. “Theyhey had a kiss and cuddle and chilled out on the lounger where they could stay out of the sun. Dele fell asleep and Ruby couldn’t rouse him. She saw the funny side of it and some of his friends came over to check on him too. But she had to call over two huge fellas to help get Dele to his feet and carry him away. “They were both big strong lads. Dele wrapped both his arms round their shoulders otherwise he could have fallen over. He’s definitely enjoyed his holiday.”
The couple were said to have re-ignited their relationship after splitting in February following three years together.The 21-year-old Bordeaux attacker was said to be perfecting his corner kick taking skills when he slumped. However, reports from the Nigerian team camp confirms that the player was immediately rushed to the hospital and has been stabilised.

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