Covid19: Good news for Nigeria as study shows hot weather slows down disease

Nigeria has been battling with the spread of the deadly disease #COVID19 .
Amid pandemic, study shows that the hot temperature and humidity of the country has a high chance of possibility to help reduce the spread and transmission of the virus. this is a news is more of hope.


Notwithstanding, the weather alone cannot stop the disease from spreading.
Tuesday, March 24, a report was published by Daily Mail UK researchers at Beihang University and Tsinghua University revealed that as the weather became more humid and warmer in 100 Chinese cities, the rate at which of COVID-19 spread reduced
According to the researchers, high temperature is responsible for the reduction
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They had a believe that the departure of winter has reduced the number of infected cases in China.
Also adding that some have embraced this encouraging development as China has reported no new cases of coronavirus, others are still unconvinced.


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