Cornell University Scholarships 2019. Now, international students are eligible to receive Cornell University scholarships. The university was founded in 1865 by Andrew Dickson and Ezra Cornell. Though a private university of the Ivy League, it has a public mission in collaboration with the State University of New York. APPLY FOR SHELL RECRUITMENT 

To date, it is still regarded as a pioneer “Truly American university’ based on its practical approach to higher education. Cornell University Programs
The university boasts of 14 colleges and schools, which are on the main campus and collaborating colleges. There are many undergraduate, graduate, and the professional programs that are offered at Ithaca.

Other campuses include Doha, Qatar which offers the medical graduate program. There are many Cornell University scholarships that are offered to financially difficulty students studying at these campuses. As of Fall of 2015, there were over 1,600 faculty and 8,000 staff members working at Cornell University. SEE FAJIM SCHOLARSHIP

Also, the enrollment was over 14,000 students for undergraduate programs and over 5,000 for graduate programs. This is a huge enrollment for an Ivy League School and is possible because it is one of the most sort-after universities. Throughout the world, there are more than 240,000 living alumni of Cornell University. This high number of alumni will help students to network and get a job after they graduate. CLICK TO APPLY 

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