At these times, no common man should rely on a single source of income, neither should any whole adult put the sole responsibility of providing for him/her on another adult.
Most times when a lady tells me that she is a housewife and cannot afford something that should be a necessity to her, I find myself blurting out “Is that a handicap?”

To some people, this comes off as an outright insult but it is very difficult for me to refrain because I do not see any reason why a grown woman will refuse to make a living and still complain of lack. If you do not complain, trust me I would be minding my business.

Being a stay at home mum or housewife does not in any way mean that you cannot earn a living. There are a million and one ways you can earn money from the comfort of your couch.

So today, it’s not about the techie lifestyle. I am writing this for those who feel that they cannot handle the tech stuffs about online entrepreneurship.

I am yet to see a housewife who is not good in the kitchen. So I’ll be focusing on how you can make money from your kitchen today as a house wife.

Here is my list of small business ideas for women that they can start from their kitchen:

1. School lunch delivery for kids: Before you go, what? I am a mum of three and I know how much I struggle to pack lunch for my kids every school day because I like them having that home-touch in their lunch boxes. I don’t like the idea of school providing lunch for them neither do I like to buy ‘anything’ from nearby buka to pack in their lunch box – ‘yuck!’

Giving me side eyes won’t solve this problem so stop. I know it’s not just me. I know there are a ton of other women who will give their little toe to have home-made lunch packed for their kids every school day.

Get yourself together and map this out.

2. Home cooked Lunch Delivery for Offices: Oh yes, it is not only your dear husband that like good things o. Freshly made home food is every man’s bestie, even takes the front seat before their wife. #rollseye
When I worked corporate, this was such a huge deal for me. There is always a reason to munch on biscuits instead of eating proper lunch. It’s either there is no time to step out for lunch (I used lunch time to attend to my side hustles), or the messenger comes back saying “they have only amala ati ewedu” – what’s that biko? And then you decide to buy fast food and it ends up being rice soaked in vegetable oil and microwaved chicken that you can still taste the blood – nyama!

Point is – Fresh home cooked lunch at the workplace is GOLD.

Start small, grow your circle, grow your income.

Tip: Convince them to sign up monthly and you’ll be amazed that you are soon earning far more than most employed people.

3. FitFam Catering: If you love to cook, you can cook anything trust me. The weight-loss and healthy eating niche is in a bloom right now and trust me, the challenge most of these people that want to lose weight have is planning and making the right meal.

All you need is a facebook and Instagram account where you showcase your healthy cooked meals.

Prepare meal plans, ask people to signup for weekly or monthly healthy meals to be delivered to them.

4. Soup Delivery: The problems of working women are way more than one can think of. Most of them hate cooking and even the ones that can cook are always overwhelmed because of stress from work and pressure from taking care of the home front. Frankly speaking, after a long working day, it’s really not that pleasant to cook. The idea of having a freshly made bowl of soup/stew delivered to you when you need it is like the sound of credit alert on your phone on broke days.

Start small, talk to a few of your friends to speak to their own friends. Talk to people in your church, scream it aloud on social media too.

5. Cooking Instructor: Forget the famzing, a lot of us cannot cook Indomie. If you are super good at cooking you should consider holding cooking classes. Be grateful for your skill because many people wish they had skills in the kitchen and they are even willing to pay to learn.

Everytime someone compliments your cooking, let them know that you offer cooking classes incase they know someone who might need to learn one or two dishes.

Become a home based cooking instructor who offers weekend cooking classes for working women or weekday cooking classes for housewives.
As your business grows, you can partner up with some skill development center as well.
6. Frozen Chicken: Most commercially available poultry doen’s look natural at all. I have met some people who will never eat chicken/turkey from the commercial vendors. They prefer to kill and dress the chicken themselves and trust me there are a lot of people who would love to have their chicken fresh.

Start approaching working women in your network and offer them a good deal, whereby they pay an upfront amount and you deliver them frozen chicken for a week/month.
Ask them to spread the word about your service and get some discount. Do not forget to take your business to the social media and google my business.

7. Freshly Made Snacks: Make and supply snacks to local supermarkets around you. Be sure to brand this right so that the value can come up. If you live in a very busy environment and do the snacks right, you can be certain that vendors will soon be all over you to supply snacks to them.

As your patronage increases, also start supplying your snacks for events.

8. Food Blogging: Food blogging is what anybody who has a food based business should do. With food blogging you can target a bigger audience beyond the borders. Share your recipes, love for food, cooking hacks or anything else that is your specialty through your blog. This will also create another revenue source for you. There are a lot of ways to monetize your blog: Google Adsense, create and sell your own products, review products and get paid etc.
Making money from blogging depends mainly on the traffic your blog receives; the more visitors means more income. So, don’t just focus on posting amazing cooking related stuff, but also on bringing more people to your blog.

There’s definitely so much that I didn’t say. Please go ahead and drop more ideas in the comment.
And if you think this list is reasonable, do go ahead and share this.
You might be saving a woman today.

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