Number One Bestselling Creator And Previous Aide To Ex-President Goodluck Jonathan, Pastor Reno Omokri Has Called The Campaign Blueprint, ‘The Following Degree,’ Which Has Simply Been Released By Using President Muhammadu Buhari As “Next Stage Lies.”

Pastor Omokri Additionally Defined As Shameless A Claim That The President Organised A “Special Dinner And Thanksgiving Ceremony To Rejoice His Waec ‘Certificates.” President Buhari Is The All Progressives Congress, Apc, Birthday Celebration Candidate In The Coming Presidential Election. President Buhari Just Released His Presidential Campaign Council, ‘The Subsequent Degree,’ Wherein He Stated That His Government Has Stabilised The Financial System And Reduced Rice Importation With The Aid Of 90%. He, Additionally Promised To Overtake The Education Area By Way Of Remodeling At Least 10,000 Schools Each Year If Re-Elected As President In 2019. But Pastor Omokri, In A Sequence Of Tweets, Disagreed With The President’s Improvement Claims, Pronouncing They’re All Lies. In Step With Omokri, The Buhari-Led Authorities Has Brought About The Loss Of Over Eleven Million Jobs And Decreased Nigeria To Second World’s Biggest Importer Of Rice. “The @Mbuhari Campaign File Lists Job Introduction As Success! Even @Sgyemikale, Head Of Nbs Become On Twitter To Whinge That They Have No Longer Given Him Finances To Launch This Year’s Process Numbers. Eleven Million Nigerians Misplaced Their Jobs. Retweet In Case You Realize It’s Miles A Lie #Nextlevellies.” “Their Next Stage Marketing Campaign Document Claims They Stabilised The Economic System, But, Bloomberg Named The Naira Under @Mbuhari Because The Fourth Worst Acting Forex On Earth. Please Don’t Take My Word. Google It. Retweet If You Recognise That Is Another Massive #Nextlevellies “The Biggest @Fkeyamo Lie In @Mbuhari’s Campaign File Is The Claim They Decreased Rice Importation By Ninety%.. Nigeria Is Now The Sector’s 2nd Largest Rice Importer After China. Our Rice Imports Extended By Means Of 30%. @Google It. Retweet In Case You Recognize That Is Every Other Huge #Nextlevellies “Can You Consider How Low And Shameless @Fkeyamo And Co Are. They Promote It The So Known As Waec ‘Certificate’ Given To @Mbuhari As An Fulfillment! Study How Stupid They Assume You’re. Have A Look At What They Have Got Reduced Nigeria To. Retweet If You Realize That Is Any Other Huge #Nextlevellies “How Did Nigeria Get To The Point In Which A President Arranges A Unique Dinner Rite And Thanksgiving To Have Fun A Waec ‘Certificates’? I Guess If You Have No Achievements To Have A Good Time, You Become Celebrating Your ‘Certificates’! Retweet To Reject This #Nextlevellies “. @Fkeyamo’s Subsequent Degree Document Praises @Mbuhari’s Financial Plan. Is Keyamo An Economist? @Billgates Traveled To @Asorock And Informed Buhari Face To Face That ‘Your Monetary Plan Does No Longer Meet The Wishes Of Nigerians’. Google It! Retweet If You Realize This Is Some Other Huge #Nextlevellies “Every Other Success In @Mbuhari’s Marketing Campaign Document Is The Introduction Of “A Fairer And Greater Equitable Society”. But All The Intelligence Agencies Are Headed By Using Northern Muslim Guys. Now Not One Se Man Or Woman Heads A Safety Business Enterprise. Retweet In Case You Recognise That Is Every Other Big #Nextlevellies “The Following Fulfillment In @Mbuhari’s Marketing Campaign Report Is That “We Lay The Foundation For A Celeb And Prosperous Country”.Yet Nigeria Become Formally Named The Arena Headquarters For Excessive Poverty Beneath Buhari. Retweet In Case You Recognize This Is Some Other One Among @Fkeyamo’s Huge #Nextlevellies “One Of The Achievements Within The @Mbuhari Marketing Campaign Document Is The Mambilla Hydro Power Plant. However That Plant Is An @Officialpdpnig Venture By @Gejonathan. Dont Take My Word For It. @Google It. They Don’t Have Any Achievements In Order That They Lie. Retweet If You Realize That Is A Lie #Nextlevellies “Any Other @Fkeyamo Lie In @Mbuhari’s Marketing Campaign File Is The Declare That “We Carried Out A Responsible And Transparent Financial Plan”. But Ibe Kachikwu’s Leaked Memo Discovered Nnpc Presented $25 Billion Contracts Without Due Procedure. Retweet In Case You Understand It’s Miles Another Large #Nextlevellies “One Of The Achievements Within The @Mbuhari Next Degree Campaign Report Is That They Increased Power From 4000 Megawatts In 2015 To 7000 Megawatts These Days. However How Are You Going To Boom Strength Without Constructing Even One Single New Energy Station? Retweet If You Recognise That Is A #Nextlevellies “@Fkeyamo’s Lies Of @Mbuhari Achievements Claims They Have Advanced Healthcare. They Stepped Forward Healthcare So Much That Buhari Lived In London For Half Of Of 2017 And @Aishambuhari Complained Of No Paracetamol In @Asorock Health Center. Retweet In Case You Understand That Is Another Huge #Nextlevellies “Even President @Mbuhari And @Aishambuhari Aren’t Glad With All Of The #Nextlevellies @Fkeyamo Packaged For Them!”

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