THE national has withdrawn the recent threat to activate the ‘no work no pay policy’ against placing university lecturers. This was disclosed by the National President of the tutorial employees Union of Universities, ASUU, Prof. Biodun Ogunyemi, in associate exclusive chat with Vanguard yesterday. Ogunyemi conjointly aforesaid that the negotiation meeting between ASUU and also the national would continue tomorrow, stressing that what the union was doing was to rescue the education sector from at hand collapse and to confirm that the kids of the poor get access to quality and cheap education. The ASUU boss conjointly aforesaid that last Friday’s meeting between the 2 parties failed to yield abundant results. He said: “Well, we’ve confirmed that they need withdrawn that threat (no work no pay). therefore it seems the threat isn’t there for currently. however whether or not the threat is there, we tend to are ready for that as a result of for our members, no sacrifice is just too abundant to salvage Nigeria’s education. “Shortly before our action whereas the NLC (Nigeria Labour Congress) agitation was occurring with national, they visited the Federal council that they were activating that rule.” Meanwile, human rights professional person, Mr. Femi Falana, SAN aforesaid yesterday: ”Although the national brought up “extant rules” to justify the ‘no work, no pay’ policy the directive is anchored on section forty three (1) of the Trade Disputes Act that provides that “any employee United Nations agency takes half during a strike shall not be entitled to any wages or different remuneration for the amount of the strike…”. In resorting to the means the national wasn’t properly suggested. Otherwise, it’d have realised that even below the defunct clique the applying of ‘no work no pay’ rule, threat to eject lectures living in official quarters, promulgation of a decree that created strike in colleges a treasonous offence and also the proscription of ASUU failed to collapse any of the strikes known as by ASUU. ”It is submitted that the newest strike embarked upon by ASUU has complied with the provisions of section thirty one (6) of the Trade Disputes (Amendment) Act, 2005. Since the law doesn’t penalize acts that are lawful in associate democratic society section 43(1) of the Trade Disputes Act can not be invoked to justify the seizure of the salaries and allowances of members of the ASUU United Nations agency have determined to participate in an industrial action that’s legal in each material specific. below the present labor law regime solely those that participate in misappropriated strikes are at risk of be prosecuted and forfeit their salaries and allowances.

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