Adesua Etomi speaks on the travails of being a woman in Nigeria.
Nigerian actress, Adesua Etomi has stated that being a woman in Nigeria is difficult This is coming up shortly after senator Elisha Abbo was caught on tape assaulting a nursing mother at an adult toy shop in Abuja – Her statement is also coming up following the molestation stories that have been making rounds on the internet Undoubtedly, many Nigerians will remember the month of June/July 2019 for the drama it brought and the action social media birthed. It is probably why Nollywood actress Adesua Etomi has concluded that being a woman in Nigeria is very tough and her statement is coming after two major incidents have shown how women are treated in this part of the world. Image result for PHOTOS OF A nIGERIAN ACTOR ADESUAIt might be correct to say Etomi has been following all the drama and is now sure that the Nigerian society is designed to make life particularly difficult for its women. Although Adesua didn’t go into details of why and how she had come to the conclusion, given her recent posts, it is clear that the ivory actress is tired of hearing of women being abused by Nigerian men and worse, getting away with it. Aso See: Actor that made a movie from COZA’S Pastors rape scandal 

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