Being in a serious relationship for the first time can be exciting and scary at once because you want to know if you made the right choice.
Some say when the heart knows, the heart knows, but if you are someone like me who thinks and over thinks on a decision, you will want to feel reassured that everything is going right. So you look for ways to make it right, to do things right.
These 5 tips will help you in a serious relationship.
1. Trust Your Instincts
You have to trust your choice. There is something you must have seen in him to date him. So trust what you have and will have with him. Also let the trust grow organically, don’t force anything.
2. Share all the things you appreciate about each other
Compliments that you mean go a long way. You have to be able to give good compliments and appreciate the effort he is making. If you are not used to giving guys compliments, learn to give your partner. It just shows that you know what he is doing for you. It’s the same when you want him to notice what you are doing. It’s all about caring for each other.
3. Try not to be too distant
Try to give each other the space you need, but don’t tell him to give too much space and likewise. If you pull away saying you need your space, then you are likely to get it. I know it is new and you are not used to letting someone this close, but you have to try to let them in your personal space. That is what makes the relationship more personal because it is personal.
4. Leave Yourself Vulnerable But Not Gullible
This takes a lot of trust because before you can show your vulnerability to the person you are dating, you’ll need to trust him. being vulnerable gives you the chance to be able to rely on someone. You are vulnerable around family members, they know your weak spots like the back of their hands, he should also know your weak spots, but that doesn’t mean you have to let him use it or ride you with the knowledge.
5. Have Fun
You don’t have to over think things, just take it a day at a time. You have to think less to enjoy the relationship. Wondering if you are doing something right or wrong will kill the fun. You will find yourself worrying that you said the wrong thing or you spoke too much, or hit a nerve when you are supposed to be enjoying the movie or your date. So clear your mind and don’t think too much. You’ll be fine just as you are.

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