Nigeria music painting, Innocent Ujah Idibia, aka Tuface, during this interview with PUNCH newspaper talks concerning his music, life and inspiration
Tuface expresses his annoyance at having youngsters from multiple ladies.

“It is absolutely powerful to speak concerning it. Honestly, after I recollect and examine that side of my life, I want it ne’er happened. I want all my youngsters came from one girl. i really like my youngsters and there’s nothing I will do to vary the case . i’ve got rapt on and that i am married to at least one of the ladies WHO bore American state youngsters. I not waver that issue.”

His relationship along with his youngsters.

“I am not the strict sort as a result of i’ve got a soft spot for teenagers. As such, my youngsters invariably escape with such a big amount of things after I am around. Their mothers are those WHO discipline them. I cosset my youngsters,’’ he tells with enjoyment of his voice.

Does it appear possible that any of his youngsters would follow in his footsteps? He affirms this and adds that a number of them are already exhibiting signs of usurping music as a career and instead of advise them, he’s ready to offer them the encouragement they have to succeed.

When he’s not creating melodious music, the international act invariably takes a possibility from his feverish schedule to relax. For him, this comes in several forms he quips.

“Sometimes, I may simply sleep however most times, i prefer to hold out with my friends. We laugh, gist, crack jokes and customarily rejoice,’’ he says.

Commenting on the motivators in his life, Tuface says that one among the items he powerfully believes in is that the incontrovertible fact that the sky is large enough for everybody to fly as there’s adequate area. He continues:

“It is simply just like the scores of stars that you just see within the sky at the hours of darkness. withal their variety, there would still be area for additional stars to shine. that’s life and nature at work, thus there’s area for all folks. I invariably say that no-one ought to assume that he or she is luckier than everybody else in life as a result of that’s a farce. As a personal, don’t assume that there’s no area for the subsequent person to thrive. For me, that’s however I see life.’’

Even though he born out of faculty a few years agone, he reiterates that in spite of his itinerary as a global musician, he appearance forward to a time once he would be ready to return to earn a university degree. in a very pitch that shows sincerity, he says,

“Maybe I’d provides it a plan once more. i’m visiting keep attempting and that i would ne’er surrender on education.’’

His role models he says should not essentially be musicians. He argues,

“They are individuals from completely different professions and astonishingly music isn’t one among them . I search to several individuals and that i do thus for multitudinous reasons.”

Still speaking, he says legislator mountain Murray-Bruce, Richard Mofe-Damijo and comedian, fictional character stand out for him and also the reason isn’t unlikely. in a very revealing tone, he enumerates a number of the explanations why he regards them thus.

“These are those that have remained on high of their game in their several fields of endeavour and that they do fine thus i’ve got tremendous respect for them. as an example, take a glance at fictional character, he’s a awfully humble man, nevertheless he’s on high of his game as a comedian and that i invariably try to try and do same,’’ he states.

Tuface isn’t specifically a trendsetter nevertheless he manages to stay it easy and sharp while he’s not skillful at fashion as he’s at music. In describing his vogue, he keeps it temporary.

“Nothing specifically determines what I wear . I similar to to decorate in clean garments and conjointly rush after I venture out,” he explains.

He sums up his philosophy concerning life in exactly one short sentence, ‘Live and let live’ and adds that he simply desires to be remembered as that guy that came to the globe to try and do his factor and conjointly allowed others do their own factor, tired the spirit of 1 love.

Having weather-beaten many storms in his career, Tuface encompasses a word of recommendation for industrious artistes.

“I simply need them to understand that going into music is serious business. More so, they ought to challenge themselves creatively and be ready to explore all avenues. they have to not be control back by any challenges that will come back their manner. after they mix all of those along, the road would be straightforward. On my part, i’m simply visiting keep doing smart music and keep bonding with my family. For me, i’m simply doing my very own factor thus i’m not in competition with anyone. i’m on my very own lane and wouldn’t have it the other manner,’’ he concludes.

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