1. Don’t compare your marriage to other marriages.
  2. Marriage isn’t about thinking alike, but learning to think well together.
  3. Communicate via voice, video and physical contact. Cut back on messaging. Your prime communication method should not be texting.
  4. Ask your spouse, “What can I do for you today?” every single day.
  5. Show your spouse appreciation for the little things.
  6. Your husband isn’t a mind reader. Tell him what you want. Don’t make him guess.
  7. Look beyond yourself at the bigger picture. Where do you want your family to be in 20 years?
  8. Marriage takes three people: you, your spouse and God. Don’t leave any one of those people out.
  9. Put your marriage and spouse before your children.
  10. Say, “I love you,” every single day.
  11. Treat your spouse like the person he or she has the potential to be.
  12. H.A.L.T.: If you are hungry, angry, lonely or tired, stop the discussion and fix those things first.
  13. Don’t expect your spouse to do something around the house unless you ask him or her to do it. Assuming always causes problems.
  14. Remember, you can’t change your spouse. You can only change yourself.
  15. Keep dating each other.
  16. Pray together every single day. Tell God about all the reasons why you love your spouse.
  17. Don’t search for the perfect person. Be the perfect person.
  18. Marriage is not 50/50. It’s 100/100. Give yourself entirely, and don’t hold back.
  19. Keep your married life between you and your spouse.
  20. Genuinely compliment your spouse on a regular basis.
  21. Say, “thank you” to your spouse often.
  22. Be slow to criticize. Love your spouse despite his or her faults, and he or she will do the same for you.
  23. Never lose faith, and never give up on God.
  24. Brag about your spouse to your friends — when he or she is listening and when he or she isn’t.
  25. Communication, communication, communication!
  26. Don’t just marry someone you can live with. Marry the person that you can’t live without.
  27. Build a strong foundation, so when things get bad, you have something to fall back on.
  28. Work hard and be ambitious.


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