Managing a relationship and keeping its freshness and excitement alive is the most difficult task about relationships. Especially love or marital relationships needs proper care and pamper to run it all smoothly. Of course, every relationship goes through some rough patches but you really need to make your relation effective to avoid maximum negative actions and reactions. It’s really sad to know that maximum relationships these days are ending up drastically due to lack of excitement, interest and love. Due to unhealthy habits cultured by people in their relationship, usually people lose interest in their significant others. However, it becomes quite difficult to find out if your partner is losing interest in you or your relationship. But, there are some definite and precise signs to find out if it’s true. Read on…

1. Spending time with you becomes exhausting

If your partner spends less time with you and easily gets bored or exhausted spending time with you, then it’s clear your partner is losing interest in you and your relation. Losing interest in a relationship could be due to many reasons like disloyalty, unattractive physical appearance, boredom sexual activities which ultimately kills the relation.

2. Staying busy and occupied to avoid conversations

Avoiding usual conversations and staying preoccupied not to confront and spend time with partner is quite a usual symptom of losing interest in relationship. If your partner tries to remain busy in his office work at home, or watching Television, or hanging out more with friends then he/she might be losing interest in you.

3. Avoiding physical intimacy

Kissing, smooching, hugging, cuddling, getting cozy are some romantic gestures and physical attachments that are very common and healthy for a good and long lasting relationship. But when your partner stops doing all these activities and avoids physical intimacy, even draws back his/her hands on accidental touch, then your relationship is in trouble for sure.

4. Finding every little flaw in you

That partner who was used to ignore all your flaws and faults, if suddenly behaves weird and starts picking all your flaws and highlights your faults every single time, it might a serious indication that your partner is losing interest in you.

5. Getting more into fights and arguments with you

When relationship sucks and gets exhausting it’s mundane and expected that your partner will get miffed and annoyed at silly things even. Getting more into fights and arguments are totally expected who lose interest in their love.

6. Stops being romantic

Being romantic and getting into some romantic actions and gestures is the best and healthy exercise for ideal marital and love relationships. When someone suddenly stops being romantic and out of his/her usual way, there are the maximum chances of your relationship boarding on a rough flight.

7. Ignoring your calls and texts

Avoiding conversations and talks remains continued to the next phase that involves avoiding calls and texts. Even if your partner takes a long time to answer your call and reply your text, he might be no more interested in you.

8. Being secretive and evasive about actions and conversations

The very awkward and reckoning thing about “about to break” relations is being secretive and evasive about certain things. Hiding texts, calling someone secretly and behaving detached are some symptoms that indicate your partner is losing interest in you.

9. Skipping sexual intimacy

It’s obvious when your partner is no more interested in you and your relationship he/she will try to avoid sexual intimacy or sexual activities every single time making some silly excuses. It totally doesn’t make any sense that a person doesn’t need sex for more than a month even staying with his/her spouse.

10. No fun and excitement

When life and relation gets haunted by boredom, there stays no fun and excitement. Your relation that experienced the best ever days full of life, laughs, giggles, love fights gets adversely affected eliminating all fun, smiles, enjoyment and excitement when your partner loses interest in you.

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